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Pokemon Sword and Shield – Where to Get Everstone

How to prevent Pokemon evolution

by Kyle Hanson


Most of the time, while playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, if your character is evolving you want it to happen. Whether it’s via reaching a new level, or using a stone, you probably want that Pokemon to go through the process. But what if you don’t? What if you need that Pokemon to stay the way they are? You can hit B during the evolution process, of course, but that can get tedious as you pile up XP. There’s a better way. A special stone used to prevent evolution without any additional input. But where is it? Here’s where to get Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Where to Get Everstone

Most Pokemon games have featured the Everstone, giving players a chance to prevent Pokemon from evolving for an extended amount of time. In Sword and Shield the Everstone can be found just outside the first true gym in the game. Turffield Stadium, home to the Grass Champion, is the first major challenge in the game. Outside, down the path to the right and to the north is the Everstone.

Specifically head toward Route 5, if you struggle to locate it. Partway down, before reaching the Route proper, you’ll see a path to the north, toward the gym itself. Head up this path and to the left before reaching the bottom. You’ll see something sparkle on the ground. Just walk up and press A to grab it. This is the Everstone, a valuable item for breeding and other uses of Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

To use it just have the Pokemon you want hold it by selecting it in the Bag menu and choosing that character. While they continue to hold the Everstone they will not evolve no matter what. Hopefully that helps explain where to get the Everstone in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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