Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic: All the Details We Know

Are you wanting more details about this classic version of the trading card game?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic board.
Image: The Pokémon Company

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic has been revealed and many are wondering what the specific details are about the game. Pokemon cards have been around since 1996 and made their way to the United States a few years later. The announcement of a Classic version of the game will no doubt make some fans very nostalgic — here’s everything we know about the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Key Details

One of the main focuses of this classic Trading Card Game is the beautifully designed board which almost looks like it has been gilded in black and white. It is a very luxurious item to have and will certainly make any collector extremely happy. Furthermore, it will also have a toolbox included which allows you to keep note of specifics such as orbs and any damage counters.

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The experience wouldn’t be complete without some classic cards to accompany the overall look and that is exactly what you will get. There will also be two cards that you have never seen before and these are Lugia EX and Ho-Oh EX. Notably, it is just the overall design of the card that you won’t have seen before.

The classic version of the game will be released in late 2023. There are no specifics about an exact release date for this as of yet.

Is Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Worth the Purchase?

If you are someone who enjoys some extra style in their Pokemon Card playing ventures then you will likely find that the Classic version is worth the purchase. From a classic version of Professor Oak and more, there is a lot to enjoy. However, if you just play from time to time and don’t have too much need for a major board/toolbox — then you won’t be missing too much without this version.

All in all, it is a brilliantly designed-looking board and will definitely allow people to live out their trainer dreams to a further degree. Even if you plan on focusing more on game content from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there is no harm in trying out the physical Pokemon Trading Cards.

- This article was updated on February 27th, 2023