All McDonalds Pokemon Cards and Card Values (2022)

Are you wanting to get these McDonalds Pokemon cards?

by Gordon Bicker


Mcdonald’s have recently released Happy Meals which will contain Pokemon cards. Yes, you heard that right, you will be able to get a pack of cards with your Happy Meal. Specifically, you will get a pack of four pokemon cards in your Happy meal. You may be used to this from last year when Mcdonald’s also had shown their love of Pokemon cards and sparked a craze of people wanting to get all of the cards that they could. If you are wondering what the Mcdonald’s Pokemon Cards in 2022 are then this article will cover every one of them that is available including their general price value.

All 2022 McDonalds Pokemon Cards and Price Values

With each Happy Meal, you will get at least one foil version of fifteen core cards along with three other general Pokemon cards. There are technically thirty cards all in all that you can get from the Happy Meals although it should be noted there are fifteen base cards. The foil versions are what bring that number up. The table below will list each of the Mcdonald’s Pokemon cards and their price value.

Pokemon Card  Estimated Card Value (Base Not Foil)
Pikachu $0.12
Chinchou $0.05
Cutiefly $0.03
Growlithe $0.04
Lapras $0.08
Smeargle $0.04
Rowlet $0.04
Gossifleur $0.05
Victini $0.25
Flaaffy $0.05
Pangoro $0.06
Tynamo $0.02-$0.03
Drampa $0.10
Ledyba $0.03
Bewear $0.02

As can be observed the Pokemon cards on offer generally have had many fans in some confusion about why these specific cards have been given with the Happy Meals instead of other cards but nonetheless, for any collectors that are missing some of these cards, they will o doubt be overjoyed at being able to get the cards they need. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get back into Pokemon card collecting! As for the card prices, you may be able to put some extra dollars/pounds onto the prices shown when selling them but they are not massively rare cards so I would personally advise not to sell them for too much.

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