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Pokémon Unite: How to Play on PC

Bless the power of emulation

So, you’re probably looking at this title and thinking this is another clickbait piece about Pokémon Unite not being on PC. It actually isn’t, and just bare with me. Thanks to the power of emulation, you can actually play this game on a legitimate PC or Mac.

Pokémon Unite was originally only on the Nintendo Switch just until recently when it came out on mobile devices like Android and iOS. Emulation is usually frowned upon by a lot of people because of the implications of legal issues that have come from it in the past. With a game like Pokémon Unite, this method is completely legitimate and doesn’t breach any sort of grey areas of emulation and its legality.

How to play Pokémon Unite on PC

So, we’re not going to emulate this game with a Nintendo Switch emulator like Yuzu. The hardware is still relatively new and isn’t fully stable to give an authentic experience with Nintendo’s current hardware. It also doesn’t support online functionality.

This is where Bluestacks comes in. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that you can use on PC. It’s completely free and updates regularly. You can download it straight from their website. The site will also show the different apps you can download as well as system requirements to run it.


To get started with Bluestacks emulation, you’ll first want to check your hardware’s specs. There are minimum and recommended benchmarks to get an optimal, fluid experience while gaming on Bluestacks. Then, download the installation file on the front page of their website. Follow the download instructions accordingly like you normally would from an installation file.

The program should then boot up with a mostly empty interface, like a new phone would upon turning it on for the first time. You can access the Google Play Store from the get go. You will need a Google account to use the store. Once you’ve got all that covered, just find the game and download it like you would if you were on Android.

Pokémon Unite on mobile will run like how it would on an Android or iPhone, so it won’t look how it does on the Switch despite it running on more powerful hardware. The program does allow for FPS and graphics optimizations settings that you can mess around with to your liking.

Additionally with Bluestacks, you could map buttons to your keyboard or even a gamepad, which the program should be able to recognize. You wouldn’t want to use a mouse clicker to move around with a game designed with on-screen buttons.


You could actually transfer your progress from your Switch and actual mobile accounts onto the Bluestacks one with no problem. Just don’t try to log on multiple devices at once.

To check out more Pokémon Unite content like news, updates, and guides, click here. Pokémon Unite is out now for Nintendo Switch and mobile via Android and iOS.

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