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Pokémon Unite Mobile: Things You Need to Know

With the mobile release on the horizon, keep these tips in mind as you go into the game

Pokémon Unite is just about to hit mobile platforms. This is going to boost the player base tenfold, especially with all the hit milestones of pre-registrations across Android and iOS. The game has been out on the Nintendo Switch for some time already.

If you are thinking of playing the game on mobile, here are some things you need to know going into the game.

The game has crossplay

Yes, that’s right. Pokémon Unite will have crossplay between Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch. The game doesn’t seem to have skill based matchmaking other than when it comes to the ranked mode, so don’t expect to destroy the competition coming in as a new player on mobile. Chances are there will be a few Switch players in the mix who will dominate, but don’t let that put a damper on your experience.

However, your friends will have less of an excuse to not play it if they don’t have a Nintendo Switch. It’ll be easier to find games and team up to take on any competition that awaits!

It has cross progression

Pokémon Unite will also allow players who have progress on one platform or another transfer it to a different platform. To do this, you’ll most likely need to log in with your Nintendo account if you started this game initially on the Nintendo Switch. This should carry everything over from cosmetics, the battle pass, your stats, and level. You can also log in via Facebook, Google, or Pokémon Trainer Club account.

Spec requirements

Since this game is coming out to mobile phones, there are some spec and operating system requirements to be able to run the game. For iOS users, Pokémon Unite requires that you have iOS 10.0 or later in terms of its firmware across all devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For Android users, you’ll need to be on KitKat 4.4 or newer.

You may need to allow the app some permissions in order to run.

There are pay-to-win aspects

If you are even slightly in the loop about Pokémon Unite, you definitely would have heard of this game being somewhat pay-to-win. In short, there is no denying that it does have these aspects. Fortunately, the game does offer login incentives and other daily challenges to get more Aeos Tickets which you can then use to buy Item Enhancers.

The pay-to-win part lies at the Item Enhancers. You use these to level up held items such as Leftovers, the Focus Band, Exp. Share, and so on. In the grand scheme of things, it does feel a bit scummy to have something that gives stat boosts to your Pokémon, but a well-coordinated team will still almost always prevail, even without taking the p2w route.


You need an online connection to play

This game is a MOBA and the only way to actually play this is with other people online. You can play this game offline, but it’ll only be games against bots and some training and tutorial modes. Since this game is coming to mobile, especially for people on limited data plans, find a reliable Wi-Fi spot if you can. Charges may apply as stated on the Play Store.

Pokémon Unite is out now on the Nintendo Switch and can be downloaded now on mobile. To keep up with updates and guides pertaining to the game, click here.

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