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Pokken Tournament: How To Unlock Shadow Mewtwo

by Dean James


Pokken Tournament is a big part of the Pokemon 20th anniversary celebration, following up on its initial release in Japanese arcades with the now console release on Wii U. While the game is made up of a cast of familiar Pokemon from all through the years, there is one special form of a classic legendary that you can unlock as well.

It was revealed awhile back that Pokken Tournament was going to have an exclusive fighter known as Shadow Mewtwo in it. He made an appearance in the arcade version as a boss and now he is also in the home console version.

It was previously revealed that all first run physical copies of Pokken Tournament would be coming with an exclusive amiibo card for Shadow Mewtwo, which will unlock him right away for use in the game.

However, that unlock is only temporary until the game is turned off, and can’t be leveled up, so regardless of how you got the game, you’ll need to eventually unlock Shadow Mewtwo in-game.

To unlock Shadow Mewtwo in the game, you must play through and beat the champion of the Chroma League. By completing this, you will then have Shadow Mewtwo at your disposal. After this, you can use Shadow Mewtwo in the game just like any of the other Pokemon that you have available.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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