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Pokmon Let’s Go How to Fly

It's a little different than previous games.

by William Schwartz


Fans familiar with the old Pokemon games may be looking for a way to fly in Pokemon Let’s Go.  Flying in Pokemon lets go is still a feature and it allows you to travel to different parts of the game, but it’s named differently this time around.  Instead of flying in Pokemon Let’s Go the game calls it Sky Dash.  Getting the Sky Dash allows you to fly on a balloon powered vehicle.  With this vehicle you can travel from town to town very quickly.

So this is where you need to go to learn to fly in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee.  You should set out for Celadon City.  During the story of the game you will encounter Team Rocket in this location.  To get fly in Pokemon Let’s Go you actually need to beat Giovanni inside the Game Corner.  Once you’ve beaten him, you can head back outside to find someone with a machine with a lot of balloons attached to it.  If you talk with this character you will be able to learn Fly or Sky Dash, as it’s called in this game.

How to Fly in Pokemon Let’s Go

Step 1: Progress to Celadon City in the Story

Step 2: Defeat Giovanni at Game Corner.

Step 3: Head back outside and talk to the new NPC with Balloon machine

Once you’ve gotten the fly ability and access to this secret technique you will be able to fly to different cities in the game much faster than before.  It does not matter which version of Pokemon Let’s Go that you have to learn how to fly.  You can learn this by following the steps above with either Eevee or Pikachu.

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