PSO2 New Genesis: How to Change Appearance

Let your imagination go wild

by Victor Vellas

In order to edit your character and change appearance in PSO2 New Genesis, you don’t have much to do. That said, it depends on what aspects of your character you want to change, since not every option is available for you at any given time. The customization features of New Genesis are totally on a next level, trampling even main-line PSO2’s huge editing system. For more details info about all of this, feel free to take a look below.

How to edit your character and change appearance in PSO2 New Genesis

When you fist log in to the game, you are tasked with either creating a brand new character or transferring your PSO2 character data to New Genesis. This is the first time you will edit your character, therefore you are free to pick anything you have access to and alter any of your character’s physical appearance traits to your liking.

After you finish though, things get a little more complicated. First, in order to be able to edit your character again, you will need to visit the Salon. To do so, head to the kiosk with the Salon Staff Eterna NPC in it, and talk to her. She is found in the main plaza, with the rest of the NPCs of Central City. Accept her offer of taking you to the salon, and you will be transferred to the character editing screen.

In there, you can change all sorts of things as far as your character goes, including his or her appearance. Here is the catch though. Adding cosmetic accessories, changing clothes and armor or resizing everything that was just mentioned and more, is free of charge. If you however want to edit your character’s physiology, in any way, then you will need to either spend SG, one of PSO2 New Genesis currencies, or use a Salon Pass. These are obtained through various ways, like participating in events, claiming free gifts from the dev team themselves, completing challenges and more. The same goes if you want to alter the color of any part of your character, with a Color Pass to be used instead. Obtainable in the same way, as you see, all of those passes are extremely valuable so make sure to use them wisely and only when you really need them.

Additionally, you can alter basic clothing options through your pause menu, by simply selecting the Gear tab. Pick the respective Fashion tab afterwards, and fro mthere you will be able to change on the spot Accessories, clothing, even hairstyles and parts for CASTS. You can’t alter any body features from that menu though, so for that, you will again need to visit the Salon.

The possibilities are literally endless in PSO2 New Genesis, so it goes without saying you will spend a lot of time in the Salon. The fact that you can have more than double the amount of accessories than you could in Phantasy Star Online 2 base game, is a reason alone to spend a lot of time farming for Meseta to buy all these awesome cosmetics that will be available through Player Shops. Save up a lot of passes too and create your own, unique character.

(PSO2) Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is available on PC and Xbox. For more related content about the game, feel free to check the rest of our guides right here.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023