Psychonauts 2 – Where to Find a Bee and How to Get it

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by Kyle Hanson

Most of the quests in Psychonauts 2 feature multiple steps, such as unlocking Ford’s mind, which will eventually lead you to Compton Boole, who would really like you to find a bee. Why do you need to find a bee? That’s not really important, but the game will explain all of those details. The real questions is how to get a bee in Psychonauts 2. There’s a few potential places you might think you’ll find one, but only one is the real deal. To help you move along with your quest, here’s where to find a bee in Psychonauts 2.

Where to Find a Bee in Psychonauts 2

The task to find a bee will come from Compton Boole who currently resides on the Psychoisolation Chamber out in the Motherlobe Quarry. Once you get the quest from him and exit you’ll need to get to the Forgetful Forest in the Questionable Area. As soon as you leave you should be pelted with rocks by Raz’s sister Frazie. Follow her toward the mine, taking the two rails to the left.

You’ll land on a large set of rocks with some wooden boards in front of you. Jump to them and swing across the gap. Use the rope to get across the large river and to the other rock outcropping and keep moving upward as much as possible. After using the rope swing to get across you’ll see a mushroom sort of plant that can propel you across the river again. Use the boards to the right to get to the rope ahead then walk along it to get into the mine, which you can enter after a short cutscene.

Navigate through the mine, using the net to propel you up and the pipes to swing across the open areas. On the other side will be the Questionable Area. Now you just need to make it to the Forgetful Forest, which is found on the west side of the map. Go past the small restaurant and stay to the left side, hugging the cliff wall. Travel down the path until you see a Warning sign. Jump over it and continue forward to find the Forgetful Forest and that’s where to find a bee in Psychonauts 2.

How to get a Bee in Psychonauts 2

After Raz enters the Forgetful Forest a brief cutscene will play with him and Frazie. Afterward just continue down the path to find a beehive at the end. Walk up to it and press the action button (Y on Xbox and Triangle on PS4) and after another cutscene you’ll find that you have the bee you need to continue the mission. Now all you need to do is get it back to Compton and you can continue your work toward becoming a full fledged Psychonaut.

And that’s where to find a bee in Psychonauts 2 and how to get it.