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Where are the Best Looting Spots in PUBG?

by Al McCarthy


When dropping into Erangel in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds there are plenty of places to start your quest for chicken dinner.  While gun and loot drops in the game are generated randomly, there are a handful of zones in the game that seem to have better gun drops than others.  In this PUBG Guide, we’re going to show you exactly which buildings to target to find the best guns in the game quickly.  Be warned, these high loot probably locations usually will have other Battle Royale players in the early game so you may have a fight on your hands in the early goings if you want the best weapons in the game like the SKS, KAR, VSS.  While you won’t always find these long range weapons, you’ll often find at least Assault Rifle weapons like the M16 A4, AKM, or M416.  Weapons like the Crossbow or submachine gun weapons are commonly found in these locations, as well as many others.  There are some guns that you can’t get from drops, like the Tommy Gun, which can only be found in the crates dropped from cargo ships throughout the match.



Location:  Northwest

The warehouse on the eastern side of Zharki is known to be a High Gun Loot location.  Unfortunately, there are some downsides to dropping in at Zharki.  Despite the high gun loot warehouse in this location, the rest of the town is somewhat mediocre.  That said, if the warehouse happens to be barren, you’re gonna find yourself having to move out quickly.  The upside is that the coastal town has a high probability of boat spawns to the north, with cars possibly littered around the city.  The red circle indicates the exact location of the warehouse.

The Gun Range


Location: North Central

The gun range in PUBG’s Erangel Map is located in the far north of the map, fairly close to the middle and just below Severny.  If you drop into the gun range, you’ll almost certainly be in for a fight.  The good thing is that there are numerous places in the gun range that can contain both high level loot and powerful guns.  Look on top of barrels for both guns and loot.  There are three sections with long tables that will often also contain good weapons and ammunition.  We recommend hitting the range before you hit the house that sits right behind it.  If you can’t make it out of the gun range alive, you’ll almost certainly get something good to start the game with.

Yasnaya Polyana


Location: Northeast

Yasnaya Polyana has many buildings to loot and is a popular drop-in location in PUBG.  If you do head into this sprawling urban area, there are a couple of places to check for better guns.  The first is a large building on the far east side of the city.  If nothing is doing there, north of Yasnaya Polyana there is a lone building west of the Yasnaya Compound.  You could kill two birds with one stone as the two high gun loot areas are close by.



Location:  Middle West Coast

Alongside being a high loot area with multiple spots to search for good guns to start your game, Georgopol is a popular drop-in spot in PUBG for its access to waterways and potential boat spawns as well.  Georgopol features three distinct high gun drop areas which have enough room between them that gives you options if other people are dropping in the same location.  First off is the Hospital.  The Hospital in Georgopol sits on the southern side of the bay has high loot and gun drop rates.  Directly to the East of the hospital sit three warehouses that also potentially have high gun loot.  Finally, the complex directly south of the mouth of the river also features high loot drops and high gun loot drops.

Gatka Radio


Location: Middle West Coast

Gatka isn’t incredibly populated, but to the west of the town is an building called Gatka Radio.  Set on a hilltop just east of the Swamp Town, Gatka Radio is known to have high gun loot.  The downside of committing to Gatka Radio is that there isn’t much around if you get a bad draw.  The next best place to go would be west Gatka where you might find Medium Tier Loot.  It’s dark in Gatka Radio, so if you do head there just make sure to look carefully as the station is labryinth-like in its structure.



Location: Southeast

Lipovka is one of six locations in the Southeast of Erangel that can potentially have high gun loot drops.  It’s one of the least risky areas to drop into in the Southeast, however.  While you have a chance for better weapon drops, the loot found here is usually medium tier.  Being surrounded by high loot drop areas like the Bunkers, Crater, and the Mylta Power Plant, it can be a good back-up if you hit one of these more risky areas and come up empty.  You’ll want to target the three warehouses at the southwest part of the city.  If you need to make a cross-map dash to the circle, Lipovka will usually have a vehicle.

Mylta Power Big | Mylta Power Small


Location: Southeast

The Mylta Power Stations are high risk, high reward areas.  They offer both the potential for high gun loot drops and high loot of other types.  It’s no wonder why we see so many players dropping into the power station when it’s on the flight path.  That said, you’re likely going to need to fight your way out of this area, even if you do find a good weapon.  Beyond and below the plant does have the potential for boat drops, so there’s always that option.  The Southeastern part of the map has the highest concentration of high gun loot drops on the map.  If Mylta Power doesn’t work, try Lipovka to the North, Crater to the West, or the Bunkers further West.



Location: Southwest

At the Southwest part of Erangel the town of Primorsk has yet another high gun loot drop set of warehouses right on the inner coast.  It also features a high loot city with plenty of buildings to explore.  Given it’s out of the way nature, depending on the flight path at the beginning of the game, we’ve seen this area almost devoid of other players in many PUBG matches.  It just might be worth a trip if you can find a vehicle… or a long slow drop if you’re just in reach by parachuting.  This coastal area is a hotspot for boats so if you’re anywhere in the area, the Primorsk warehouses are worth a look for good guns in PUBG.

Sosnovka Military Base


Location: South Island

The Sosnovka Military Base is on the island at the very South of the map of Erangel.  It’s also a very popular place for PUBG players to drop because of high gun loot drop rates and high loot drop rates.  Novorepnoye is also just east of the base, which also features high loot drops.  The base has a couple of spots to check for gun loot, but if that comes up empty, you can also check out the Novorepnoye Radio station which is just east of the base. The military base in PUBG is almost always good for gun loot.  Who would’ve thought.


The gun drops and loot drops in PUBG are random.  The locations that are outlined in this guide may or may not have better guns.  It’s been in our experience that these areas on the map have higher gun loot drops and better weapons in general.

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