PUBG: How to Use Emotes During a Match

How to Use Emotes in PUBG

by Masoud Kazemi


Emotes are one of the most popular ways to send regard, massage, or simply make fun of other players. Every online multiplayer video game has some emotes that can be unlocked, bought, or be available by default. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG for short is one the most popular battle royal games that became free-to-play on every platform. Here is how to use emotes during a match in PUBG.

How to use emotes during a match in PUBG on PC

To use emotes on PC, first, you need to bring up the circle of emotes by pressing [~] on the US keyboard layout, or [`] on the European keyboard layout, which both of them are the keys under the Esc button on the top left corner. By pressing this key, the wheel of emotes will be shown that you can choose by clicking on them.


On PC emotes are numbered too which can save the effort of bringing the list and selecting. Simply hit the number on your keyboard to see your avatar perform the emote. You can change the number of emotes or the key for bringing the emote list in the control setting.

How to use emotes on Xbox or PlayStation

To bring up the emote list on Xbox One or PlayStation simply press the LB and RB buttons of the Xbox controller at the same time to bring up the wheel. On PS4 simply press the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time to see the wheel of emotes. Then select the emote of your interest by right analog stick.

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