PUBG Update 1.84 Patch Notes

Console only fixes

by Damian Seeto


Update 1.84 has arrived for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

A new update is now available for the console versions of PUBG today. This means PlayStation and Xbox owners will have to download a new mandatory update. It does not look like PC gamers are affected by this newest patch.

Don’t get too excited about the new update though. It’s only a small update that is to fix some little bugs. No downtime is required so you don’t have to worry about server maintenance.

You can read the full details of today’s patch posted down below.

PUBG Update 1.84 Patch Notes

“[Console] A hotfix will be released in 3 hours that resolves the following bugs. Fixed an issue where the Lynx AMR would spawn with 5 bullets instead of 10. Fixed an issue which allowed players to use weapons when in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. No server downtime required.”

The update is out now so you don’t have to worry about the fix being installed in three hours. The patch notes posted above comes from the official Support Twitter page for the game. PUBG is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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