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Quantum Break Guide: How To Beat Monarch Juggarnauts

by Damian Seeto


When you get to Act 3 of Quantum Break, you will have your first meeting with the Monarch Juggernaut. These enemies are the biggest ones in the entire game and they can be frustrating to take down if you don’t know how to beat them.

In Act 3, you will only have to face one Monarch Juggernaut inside a room. The second encounter occurs on top of a bridge in Act 4 while Act 5 you are inside a building and two of them are out to get you.

Not only do you have to take down the Juggernauts in each act, but they are always accompanied by minions. The best way to fight the Juggernauts is to first get rid of the smaller enemies first. After you have cleared the minions, then it’s the best time to take the Juggernaut down.

In Act 3 there should be some pillars in the back of the room where you can hide from the Juggernaut’s bullets. In Act 4, it’s best to keep hiding under the broken cars while tables are all around the office in Act 5. It’s important to keep moving and hiding because the Juggernauts are always advancing towards your position and shooting.

By the time it’s Act 3 Jack Joyce would have learnt the Time Rush ability. To initiate this, you need to press and hold the LB button. This will stop time around Joyce and this makes him fast enough to walk behind the Juggernaut. If you go behind the Juggernaut, you will see his weak spot which is the orange circle on his back. Shoot it with something powerful and he will stumble a bit.

You need to repeat this method a couple of times in order to take down the Juggernauts. This is why it’s best to take care of the minions first so you can concentrate all your efforts on the Juggernauts instead. If you use a shotgun, the fight should be much shorter.

Overall, all you need to really do is hold down the RB button and get behind the Juggernauts and shoot them on their backs. The Time Rush ability runs out, so go back and hide to replenish it before doing it again. If you stick to this plan, you can easily beat them in no time.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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