Rainbow Six Extraction Trial: What is Included and How to Download

Test drive Extraction if you want to see how the game is for yourself.

by Elliott Gatica


As a smart plan delivering Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft is giving players who are on the fence about buying the game access to a free trial. The road to this game’s launch was rather rocky, seeing some delays and mixed signals. Taking all of these into consideration, people can play a trial version of the game. Here is how you can download the trial for Rainbow Six Extraction and what’s included.

How to download the Rainbow Six Extraction trial

The download will be on the same page where you’d find the game on digital storefronts (PSN, Xbox, Microsoft Store, Epic Games, Stadia). It’s a separate download from the main game.

What’s included in the trial

The trial will grant you access to the base game and its features. This includes the four locales and three hot-zones for each location. You’ll have access to all the Operators, including those you can unlock with Milestone levels.


You will not have access to post-launch content, the ranked mode, the in-game store, and achievements/trophies. This will all unlock if you purchase and play the full version of Rainbow Six Extraction.

Is the Trial the same as the Buddy Pass?

In short, this is the same download. The only difference between the Trial and Buddy Pass is how long you are allowed to play the game before needing to buy it.

The Trial will give you a two-hour gameplay period. A timer will indicate how much time you have left before your time is up.

If you’re on the Buddy Pass trial, that two-hour countdown will pause. This is only the case if you take the Buddy Pass route from the person who gave you one of their tokens from the full retail game.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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