Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon Veil Patch Notes: Biggest Y7S1 Changes

Year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege looks strong.

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Update Y7S1 has arrived for Rainbow Six Siege, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. Rainbow Six Siege has entered its 7th year and Ubisoft recently came out with an extensive roadmap for the game. The developers have kicked things off in Rainbow Six Siege with Operation Demon Veil, bringing the much-asked Goyo rework and attacker repick. Here’s everything new with Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon Veil Update Y7S1.

​Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon Veil Update Y7S1 Patch Notes

​As always, the new season also adds a brand new Operator to the game and this time, the new Operator joining the roster is Azami with her Kiba Barriers. This Japanese operator, full name Kana Fujiwara can throw her Kiba Barriers to attach to any texture and block up any breaches, including floors and ceilings.

With Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S1, the developers have added Attacker repick to all game modes. Now, Attackers will be able to switch their Operators during the preparation phase until the final three seconds. Other than that, Ubisoft has reworked the defender camera and will be available in Operation Demon Veil. With that said, below are all the major changes added in the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Demon Veil Update Y7S1, courtesy of the Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Server. Keep reading on for the full list of patch notes.

Operator Balancing


  • Changed Volcán Shield to Volcán Canister, which no longer has a deployable shield.
  • Volcán Canister can now be used as a deployable gadget on grounds and walls.
  • Volcán Canister has a bulletproof casing, protecting it from certain angles.
  • Reduced Volcán Canister explosion damage and destruction.
  • Increased Volcán Canister fire duration to 20s (from 10).
  • Increased number of Volcán Canister charges to 4 (from 2).


  • Removed movement speed penalty from the CSRX 300.


  • Reduced opening & closing time to 0.75s (from 2).


  • Kona Stations only heal if the player is below 100% health.


  • Black Eye cameras can be accessed while they are still in the air — however the video feed does not begin until they attach to a surface.


  • ARGUS cameras can be accessed while they are still in the air — however the video feed does not begin until they attach to a surface.

Gameplay reworks

Attacker repick

  • All Attackers can change their Operator and loadout in addition to spawn location during Preparation Phase.
  • Attacker Repick is available in all modes.
  • Sixth-Pick and Reveal Phase are removed from Custom Match settings options.

Outdoor cameras and drones

  • Defenders’ cameras (from Valkyrie, Maestro, and Bulletproof cams) and Defenders’ drones (from Echo and Mozzie) placed outside disconnect 10 seconds after being placed.

Sights and scopes

  • All weapon sights have been renamed and reorganized.
  • All weapons get all sights of their given optical levels (weapons previously without 2.5x do not receive 2.5x sights).
  • Replaced all instances of Low Red Dot with High Red Dot to minimize vision obstruction.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and Google Stadia.

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