Rarest Pets in Pet Simulator X

Find out the rarest of the rare in Pet Simulator X!

by Shaun Cichacki

For fans of Pet Simulator X, there is nothing better than pulling a rare pet. However, there are some pets that even the luckiest of players will not be able to find, especially the ones on this list. Whether given away as an Admin Bonus or only available throughout toy sales that are no longer on the market, these pets will be impossible to find for players.

However, getting a chance to see which pets are super rare is exciting, especially for gamers that are just getting into the game. It sometimes feels that there are urban legends regarding some of these pets, so getting a chance to see them is rather exciting. Without further ado, let’s find out the rarest pets in Pet Simulator X, and what players had to do to get their hands on them.

Rarest Pets In Pet Simulator X on Roblox

We’ve all heard about some of these rare animals, but getting the chance to view them is pretty exciting. Let’s dive right in and find out some more information on these pets, and how players were lucky enough to snag them for their own.

Rainbow Huge Pegasus


With only one of these in existence, this is easily one of, if not the rarest pet in Pet Simulator X. Available only as an NFT, players will need to save up a pretty penny if they’re hoping to add this to their ever-growing roster of pets within the game.

While all of them were available as NFT purchases, the Huge Rainbow Pegasus is the rarest of the group. The owner of this particular pet is trying to currently sell it for over a million dollars, making this quite the investment for gamers hoping to have one of their own.

Hubert Cat


Hubert may look like a normal cat within the world of Pet Simulator X, but for players hoping to get their hands on an original, authentic one, it may be almost impossible. As one of the rarest pets in the game, this little kitty was available at one time for being an Admin for the game. There are currently less than 5 authentic Huberts available within this world.

While gamers can hatch plenty of other feline friends, Hubert is easily one of the rarest to find. They would need to befriend one of the Admins that have this particular pet, and hope that they would be willing to trade for something, which is highly unlikely since this pet is so sought after.

Storm Wolf (Non-Duped)


While plenty of gamers may have a Storm Wolf of their own, is it an authentic version of the pet? When this creature was originally released, players would have had to purchase it for 5,550 Robux, which is not a cheap asking price for a pet. However, after obtaining one, players discovered that there was a glitch that would allow them to duplicate and distribute plenty of this particular creature.

There are a fair number of Storm Wolf out in the wild today, but the rarest version of this particular pet has to be the non-duped version, and they can be quite valuable if players are lucky enough to find one. Those hoping to add this creature to their collection are going to need to shell out a fair bit of cash to finally get it.

2 Damage Hippomelon


While the Hippomelon itself is quite rare, only available during the April Fools 2022 Event, the glitched 2 Damage Variant is going to be the talk of the town. The standard Hippomelon is quite the powerful pet, with damage numbers normally in the millions, but this glitched variant can only do 2 damage to anything in its vicinity.

While it may be fairly useless for anything besides showing off, that hasn’t stopped players from searching far and wide to find this particular variant. Anyone that has a 2 Damage Hippomelon has something quite valuable, and those hoping to get their hands on it are willing to pay the price to claim one for their own.

Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat


While the standard Pumpkin Cat is not super rare, the Huge Variants are a bit harder to come by. However, gamers that tried their best to get the Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat, they know precisely why this particular creature is one of the rarest in the game. Featuring the lowest overall hatch rate out of any animal in the game, at a 0.00002% hatch rate, anyone that was lucky enough to get one of these Cursed Egg Exclusive animals has something quite exciting.

This does only apply to the Rainbow Huge variant of this particular animal, however. While a fair number of gamers were lucky enough to get their hands on the Huge Variant Pumpkin Cat during the Halloween 2021 Event, there are very, very few that were able to get the Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat, making this the rarest hatchable animal currently available.

Huge Cat


Anyone lucky enough to own the Huge Cat animal in Pet Simulator X has something quite valuable, indeed. Available only as a special download with the purchase of the Huge Cat Plushie on Biggames.io, this is one of the few exclusive animals that required the purchase of a real-world object.

The Huge Cat Plushie was a limited stock item that received no form of restocking, so it was available on a first-come, first-serve basis for major fans of this experience. It was also a fairly pricey plush, available at $59.99, making this an expensive purchase for everyone. However, this did grant players the ability to own one of the rarest and most valuable animals in the game, so the trade-off was worth it in the end.

Huge Golden Forest Wyvern


Gamers that were around during the Glitch Update in January 2022 know the horror stories involving the Golden Huge Forest Wyvern, and why it is now one of the rarest pets to find in the game. Players needed to purchase Exclusive Eggs for a chance to hatch one of these creatures, and at 800 Robux per Egg, players needed the RNG Gods on their side for this one.

With only a 2% Hatch Chance, there is a good chance that players may have never gotten the opportunity to get this particular pet, especially with its inclusion on this list. Selling for around 4 Billion Diamonds now, players that were able to get this pet have quite the investment opportunity on their hands.

Rainbow Huge Samurai Bull


Easily the most valuable pet available within the world of Pet Simulator X, with an estimated value of 150 Trillion Diamonds. No, that’s not a typo, it’s just an absolutely incredible amount of diamonds that players would need to obtain to get a chance to own this pet.

Available only as an Exclusive DLC Pet, players would have had to get lucky with a Season One Toy to get their hands on this particular pet, and with those toys no longer being on the market, the chances to finally get one for your own without needing to drain your bank account are more or less gone at this point. However, players lucky enough to own this pet have something quite special on their hands.

Huge Golden Easter Cat


With less than 40 Huge Golden Easter Cats available within the game, this is another one of those hyper-rare pets that most players will never get the chance to own. Players would have needed some major luck to hatch one of these pets using the Legendary Easter Egg during the 2022 Easter Event, and it seems that only a few players had that much luck.

However, those that own one of these particular pets, they’ve got something worth a pretty penny, or plenty of diamonds. Since the Cats seem to be one of the most sought-after variants within the game, players will be willing to drop whatever they need to for a chance to have the Huge Golden Easter Cat in Pet Simulator X.

Blue BIG Maskot


It almost feels like cheating to put this particular pet on the list, but this is easily one of the rarest and most expensive pets for a plethora of reasons. Fans that were hoping to claim the Big Blue Maskot for their own needed to play dress up with their Roblox Avatar and unlock the Dress Up! Achievement. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, that’s where things get a bit more difficult.

Fans would need to purchase particular items, including the rare and expensive Orange Ninja Headband of All Earth’s Fire, which seems to retail at around USD 150 at this point. Originally, it was only 500 Robux but now normally retails around 44,000 Robux on average. However, those that did jump into this were rewarded with one of the rarest pets around.

With all of these super rare pets, will gamers start on their journey to claim a few of their own? There is plenty to do within the world of Pet Simulator X, so start earning Diamonds and trying to trade a few pets to get a few grails along the way!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 12th, 2023

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