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Red Dead Redemption 2: Jack Hall Treasure Location

The hunt is on for the Jack Hall treasure.

by William Schwartz


One of the first treasure hunts you’ll go on is for the Jack Hall treasure.  This one is surprisingly hard to find as its tucked away on the side of a big rock face south of Valentine.  This treasure will actually only lead you on further treasure hunts and supply you with a second map.

Using the map below you’ll find a big mountain with two thin rock formations.  Even though the map itself might make it look like the treasure is between the two smaller formations, it’s actually on the side of the big rock.  You’ll be able to scale the bigger rock by heading to the middle of it and just walking up the path.

Jack Hall Treasure Location #1


Once you get to the campsite at the top of the big rock you’ll want to face the two smaller rocks and then look for a small hidden path along the right side of the mountain.  Keep following this tiny ledge until you reach the end.  You’ll will be prompted to search and will be given a second map.

Finding this treasure will complete the Explorer 2 Challenge and unlock Explorer 3 Challenge.

Jack Hall Treasure Location #2


Now that you have the map in hand you can head on your way to the next location.  It’s located in just north of the train tracks between Bacchus Bridge and Granite Pass in Ambarino on the north side of the map. If you’re having trouble finding the rocks you can use the map below to find exactly where it is.  You will encounter a clearing that has multiple rock formations.  Head to the one in the picture below to capture your reward. That reward is yet another treasure map.


Jack Hall Treasure #3


The third and final step to the Jack Hall Treasure hunt can be completed at a lake west of Annesburg.  The gang has hidden the treasure on an island on the lake.  It doesn’t line up exactly with the treasure map, but the thankfully the island isn’t that big so finding it isn’t that hard.  Just in front of the two trees on the island you will be prompted to examine a rock, do so and you will earn the treasure and complete the treasure chain quest for the Jack Hall Treasure.

As you can see in the map below, just head to the island in the middle O’Creagh’s Run and you will find your reward.  That reward is two large gold bars.  These extremely valuable items can be sold to the fence.


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