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Red Dead Online – How to Access Weapons Locker

The locker is located in front of your tent.

by William Schwartz


The Weapon Locker is an item in Red Dead Online that allows you to store weapons that you don’t want to use and display them in your camp.  The Weapons Locker is an item that is unlocked via the Trader Role after reaching Trader Rank 5.  You then need to purchase the item after it becomes available for $575 via the Wilderness Outfitters.

To get the Weapons Locker you need to open the Wilderness Outfitters > Equipment menu.  Then purchase the Weapons Locker.

Once you’ve made the purchase you will be able to access the Weapon’s Locker at your camp.  You may need to restart the game for it to show-up, but once you do it will be located near your tent.  The weapons locker can then be accessed like the other points of interest in your camp, but it will not have an icon.

Just look for the box in front of your tent.  When you are close to it it will allow you to interact with it.

Once you’ve got the Weapons Locker open you can search through your weapons and decide which weapons you want to equip and which ones you want to store.

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