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Red Dead Online: How to Gain Weight

It's almost as easy as the real world.

by Kyle Hanson


Red Dead Online might try to emulate the real world of the old west, but some of its gameplay mechanics make things a little weird. For example, many players are currently trying very hard to gain weight, as your character stats shift around based on your size. You don’t lose much by becoming fat, so it all comes down to whether you want more stamina or more overall health. Gaining weight means more health, but less stamina, which can be a huge benefit to certain players. So, to help out here’s how to gain weight in Red Dead Online.

First off, this is a really weird guide to write after spending months trying to lose weight, but anyway. As mentioned above, gaining weight does actually have benefits in Red Dead Online. The heavier you are, the higher your health stats. The tradeoff is lower stamina, so decide which is more important to you and act accordingly.

If you want to get fatter, here’s how to do it…eat. Eat a lot. Eat everything you possibly can. The more active you are, the more “calories” you will burn, so the more you need to eat just to maintain or gain weight. You can optimize your time and money by focusing in on heavier food items that will make you gain more weight than just eating beans. Meat is a solid choice, and if you have multiple meals a day just make sure they all include lots of meat and as much food as is available to you at the time. Go hunting and grab some gator or other big game meat, as that will fill you up. Make sure you are eating more than the game asks you to as well, continuing to eat even once your cores are full.

And that’s how to gain weight in Red Dead Online. It’s as simple as it is in the real world, but due to how much activities you’ll be engaged in, you’ll need to focus on it as much as possible until you’re up to the weight you want.

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