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Red Dead Online – How to Get Gold

Grow your gold by focusing on these activities

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online gold is a valuable commodity.  It allows you to do numerous things in Red Dead Online, like purchase items in the world and progress into different careers.  You can get gold in Red Dead Online in a number of different ways and this guide will explain how to get gold in the game.

Earn Gold in Red Dead Online

There are numerous activities that you can do in Red Dead Online that earn you money, but not all will earn you gold.  If gold nuggets and gold bars are your objective you’ll want to focus on the following activities.

Complete Challenges


One of the best ways to get gold is by completing your Daily Challenges.  These challenges will be offered to you in the form of daily challenges which can be accessed by viewing them in the menu.  These can be viewed by pressing left on the d-pad on PS4 and Xbox One and then scrolling down to Daily Challenges.  Completing your Daily Challenges will net you gold bars and these reset on a daily basis.  The more challenges you complete the more gold nuggets you will get.  Consider stringing these daily challenges along for multiple days to get bonuses for streaks.

Alongside the Daily Challenges you can also complete Daily Role Challenges as well.  Daily Role Challenges can be completed for any role that you’ve started, which includes: Moonshiner, Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector.

Streaks will definitely give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Challenge Streaks come in numerous varieties, including a 7-day (1.5x Gold Multiplier), 14-day (2x Gold Multiplier), 21-Day (2.5x Gold Multiplier), and 28-day (gives you 2.5x + Treasure Map).

Complete Awards and Reset  Them

In Red Dead Online you are almost completing some sort of Award Task while playing the game.  There are awards for the different roles, competitive modes, shooting, hunting, trading and much more.  Simply open the pause menu and head to the Progress tab and then Awards to track your progress.  Some of these Awards can be reset and resetting them will earn you gold.

Become a Bounty Hunter


If you take on the Bounty Hunter role (this can be started in Rhodes), you will earn gold for each bounty that you collect.  Simply stop off at different post stations and collect bounties while in Red Dead Online and each one that you collect will earn you gold.  Tackling harder bounties will earn you more gold.

Stranger Missions

Completing Stranger Missions will earn you gold each time you do one.  To find these missions, open your map and look for the pink markers with the human avatar on them.  If you hover over them they will say “Stranger”.  There are numerous types of Stranger Missions, but each one will give you gold when you complete it.

Play PvP

If PvE isn’t your thing you can always head into the PvP sessions in Red Dead Online to earn gold as well.  However, the amount of gold you earn in PvP is tied directly to your performance in the matches so the better you are at these competitive missions the more gold you’ll earn.

Land of Opportunity Missions


The Land of Opportunity missions are the story missions of Red Dead Online and they are a guaranteed source of gold.  You’ll meet Horley at the onset of Red Dead Online and you’ll find his initials on the map to complete these missions.  Simply head to the yellow map locations to get these guaranteed gold missions.

Find Gold in Red Dead Online


There is plenty of gold to find in Red Dead Online and this hidden gold is located at Treasure locations.  Simply collect Treasure Maps and then hunt down the treasures of the world.  Once you find them you’ll discover that your reward will often be gold nuggets.

Get Gold From the Outlaw Pass

The Outlaw Pass costs gold to purchase, but if you complete it you will get all of your gold back and then some.  The pass will reward you will gold rewards at different levels, as well as treasure maps to make up for the 40 Gold Bars that the Outlaw Pass costs.

Purchase Gold from Rockstar to use in Red Dead Online


If you don’t like the grind you can always purchase gold in Red Dead Online.  Purchasing Gold requires that you head into the Store option in the game and then select which denomination of gold bars you want to purchase.  There are numerous tiers and you can spend as much money as you want on the currency.

And there  you have it.  These are the best ways to get gold in Red Dead Online.  By focusing on these activities and specifically logging in each day to earn gold multipliers you can build your gold reserves in Red Dead Online very fast.

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