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Red Dead Online – How to Move Camp

Move your camp to a better location.

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online you may find that you want a different location for your camp.  Whether that’s because of close proximity to resources for one of the roles, or just for a different change of scenery, you can change the location of your camp site.

Changing your camp site location requires that you head into the player menu.  This menu can be accessed by pressing the left d-pad.  Once in this menu select Camp & Properties > Camp > Size and Location > Small or Large Camp > and then select the location that you want to move to.

This will cost a bit of money depending on where you are trying to move to and your camp will instantly be moved to this new location.  Once you’ve made the switch you will need to head to this new camp site to access Cripps, your Wardrobe, or other aspects of the camp.

There is no penalty to moving your camp in Red Dead Online other than the small price you pay to make the move.

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