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Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Move Camp in Red Dead Online

You can choose which region you want to move to, but that's about it.

by William Schwartz


The camp in Red Dead Online is your home base which allows you to access a number of different features in the game.  From crafting and resting to picking up rank rewards in your lockbox, this is one area that you’re going to want close by.  Since fast traveling in Red Dead Online costs money, sometimes it’s less expensive to just move your camp to you.  After your initial camp deployment you will have the option to move your camp at any time and it will cost you $2.

Moving your camp is done through the Free Roam Menu in RDR2 Online

Moving your camp can be done by accessing one of the menus in the game.  By pressing left on the d-pad you will bring up the Free Roam menu which has a Camp option in it.  Select this option and then select the size and location option.  If you’re just playing Solo or with a Temporary Posse you will only have access to the Small Camp that holds 1-4 players.  Large Camps are only for Persistent Posses and they can hold 1-7 players.

After picking the size of the camp you want to create and move, you will then need to pick a location.  You can only pick the region that you want your camp to be moved to.  You cannot select the exact location of it.

There are numerous locations to move your camp to in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

You can move the camp to Heartlands, Bayou Nwa, Big Valley, Cholla Springs, Cumberland Forest, Gaptooth Ridge, Great Plains, Grizzlies, Hennigan’s Stead, Rio Bravo, Roanoke Ridge, Scarlett Meadows, or Tall Trees.  After you select this location, the rest is basically up to the game as it will select what seems to be a random location within the area you’ve selected.  Moving a camp a couple of times in the Heartland area, we had a different location every time.

Regardless of where you pick to move the camp, it will cost you $2 in in-game currency to do it.  Moving a camp in Red Dead Online is almost instantaneous so as soon as you make the transaction you will no longer have access to your old camp and the new one will pop up in the new location.

- This article was updated on:December 1st, 2018

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