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Red Dead Online How to Unlock New Recipe Pamphlets

These recipes will unlock for you as you progress in rank.

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online you can craft tonics and remedies that can help you stay alive longer by boosting health, stamina, or dead eye abilities.  To create them you will need Recipe Pamphlets though.  To get Recipe Pamphlets in Red Dead Online you’re going to need to earn through Rank unlocks in the game.

There are numerous Recipes to unlock through progressing through the ranks of Red Dead Online.  Below you’ll find a list of Recipe Pamphlet Unlocks that you’ll get as rank rewards for leveling up.

Red Dead Online Recipe Pamphlet Unlocks

Horse Ointment Pamphlet – Level 16

Special Snake Oil Pamphlet – Level 20

Special Horse Medicine Pamphlet – Level 26

Horse Meal Pamphlet – Level 29

Special Miracle Tonic Pamphlet – Level 32

Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet – Level 34

Special Horse Reviver Pamphlet – Level 46

Special Health Cure Pamphlet – Level 50

Special Bitters Pamphlet – Level 54

Once you’ve acquired these recipe pamphlets you will be able to craft these items at your camp, assuming that you have the required ingredients.  Until you reach these levels, you’ll need to purchase them from different stores if you want to survive while out on missions.

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