Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Camp

Bring your marshmallows for a night under the stars.

by AOTF Staff

Setting up a mobile campsite when you’re out in the wilderness definitely has it’s advantages.  In Red Dead Redemption 2 you might want to set up a make shift campsite in lieu of returning to your home base.  Because at the mobile campsite you can do things like craft items or cook food.

Anytime you are either out on horse or on foot you can set up a mobile campsite.  Just open the weapons/items wheel by using the LB or L1  and then scroll to the campsite icon in the items tab.

Once you’ve got your campsite up and running you can then cook provisions with any meat that you have.  You can craft tonics if you have the recipes available.  You can also craft ammunition, weapons, hunting supplies, and horse care products.

Camping in Red Dead 2 will also allow you the option to sleep for a bit.  In the sleep menu you can opt to set up a tent which will protect you from the elements.

Sometimes it’s just advantageous to rest during the night times.  If you’re on the hunt for collectibles sometimes it can be hard to see at night and waiting until morning can be the best option.  Other times you might want to fish or hunt animals at certain times.  If you use the rest feature you can wait until precisely the right moment to begin.

Once you’re done resting at the camp you can tear down the camp and you should be well rested for your next adventure.