Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Craft

If you don't want to pay you can always make the items you need.

by AOTF Staff

Crafting is going to be an important part of life in Red Dead Redemption 2.  This open world is full of different items that can be crafted.  This includes potions and weapons that you can make yourself or through vendors that can craft new gear, outfits, hats, and other trinkets.

Crafting can be done at the gang’s hideout, you craft at a mobile campsite, and you’ll find numerous vendors that will craft you a multitude of items so long as you have the materials.

Different Items That You Can Craft

Provisions – Craft Things like food from that you will make from ingredients you have found

Tonics – Craf Tonics that will restore or fortify your Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Bars.

Ammo – Craft ammunition for pistols, shotguns and rifles.  There are different ammunition types, these include explosive, Split point, Incendiary, and other ammo types.

Weapons – Craft Dynamite, Throwing Knives, Poison Knives, Fire Bottles, and Tomahawks

Hunting Items – Craft Predator Bait, Herbivore Bait, Cover Scent Lotion

Horse Care Items – Craft Horse Medicines, Stimulant, and Meal

Vendors that craft for you

Trapper – The Trapper can create unique clothing items for you if bring him high quality pelts or skins from animals that you kill.

Fence – The Fence can create unique trinkets for you if you bring them animal parts from Legendary animals.

How to find Crafting Ingredients

Crafting ingredients can be found throughout the world. Most crafting recipes require that you have a mixture of items.  These can be items that can be picked, like herbs.  Or they can be combinations of meats and herbs, combinations of normal items and herbs or animal parts.

Using your hunter’s sense you can see crafting items glowing if you are looking for herbs.  When it comes to animals, you’ll need to hunt them and kill them to get the required parts.  Each region has unique crafting herbs that can be picked and unique animals that can be hunted.

Crafting can also be done by using animal remains like furs, teeth, horns, and other parts of the animal.  Special legendary animals will drop parts that can used to craft trinkets which will buff abilities permanently.

How to learn crafting recipes

Crafting recipes can be found or purchased from Pearson in the camp.  You can also find these out at different vendors, or they can be found.  You can also use the cheat code to unlock all crafting recipes.