Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Get New Masks

Hide your identity... in style.

by AOTF Staff

There are numerous masks in Red Dead Redemption 2.  Masks aren’t just for looks in this game, but they have a functional purpose as well.  You’re likely going to be committing at least some crimes in the game, so it’s best that you cover your face when you’re breaking the law.

The game will start you with a bandanna, but you can find other masks and purchase them as well.   One of the vendors that will sell you new masks is the Fence.  The Fence is someone who will purchase items from you regardless of if they are stolen or not.  The fence also sells goods, and has four distinct masks for sale.

The Executioner Hood, Canvas Sack, Metal Skull, and Psycho Mask can all be purchased from the Fence at Saint Denis, the Fence in Van Horn Trading Post, Rhodes, and other locations of the fence.

New masks can also be found by doing a little exploring.  We found a cat mask when wandering around the swamps north of Saint Denis.  For full instructions on how to get the Cat Mask, head here.