Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Stop Fast on Horse

Woah there big fella.

by AOTF Staff

The horse is going to be your primary source of transportation in Red Dead Redemption 2.  They also function a little bit differently than they did in the previous game, so you’re going to need to know how to stop quickly to avoid danger and potentially killing your horse.

Stopping your horse quickly in Red Dead Redemption comes down to how well you’ve bonded with your horse as there are some variations to the mechanics.  At the lower horse bonding levels, you’re going to want to know the basics.  To stop quickly on the horse you simply press the RB.  Pressing the button will have your character pull back on the reigns and tell the horse woah or some other command to make them stop.

If you let go of the thumbstick and are not pressing the run button for the horse, it will eventually come to a stop on its own.  However, if you need to stop in a hurry, using the RB is the fastest and safest way to stop the animal before taking a nasty fall, running into townspeople (which can increase your wanted level) or other mishaps that could leave you in a bind.

As you progress in horse bonding, the RB can be combined with other commands to do special moves on the horse you have this bonding with.