Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animal Locations and How to Kill Them

Hunt these legendary animals and craft powerful trinkets with their remains.

by AOTF Staff

There are 14 different legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2.  This map will show you exactly where to find these legendary animals so that you can hunt and kill them.  Killing Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 will allow you to craft unique items like Trinkets that can be worn and provide permanent buffs to specific stats.

The 14 Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 include herbivores and predators and can be caught and skinned.  The list below will show you exactly where to find these Legendary Animals, the trinket that you can craft from their remains, and the effects of that trinket.

Once you’ve narrowed down the area of the animal that you want to hunt and kill you’re going to need to do a little exploring.  You’ll come across question mark icons on the map which will set off a legendary hunt.  Inspect the question mark and then an area when the legendary animal is will be uncovered.  Use things like your hunter’s sense to pinpoint the exact location of the animal and then go in for the kill.

Simply head to the locations listed below and hunt these legendary wild animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 and then take the items you collect from the kill and take them to the Trapper to craft trinkets that can be worn to get stat and attribute boosts that are permanently unlocked.

Legendary Animal Hunting & Trinket Crafting

Legendary Cougar

Location:  Gaptooth Ridge in the West Part of New Austin

Trinket: Cougar Fang Trinket

Effect:  Permanently increases player’s stamina experience bonus by 10%

Legendary Pronghorn

Location: Rio Bravo in New Austin

Trinket: Pronghorn Horn Trinket

Effect: Stop animals on horseback from spoiling.

Legendary Bison

Location: South of Stillwater Creek in New Austin

Trinket: Bison Horn Talisman

Effect: Permanently decrease teh speed that the stamina core drains by 10%.

Legendary Buck

Location: North of the Owanjila Lake in western part of West Elizabeth

Trinket: Buck Antler Trinket

Effect: Player receives higher quality skinned animal parts.

Legendary Bighorn Ram

Location: Near Cumberland Falls in West Elizabeth

Trinket: Ram Horn Trinket

Effect: Picking Creeping Thyme, Oregano, and Wild Mint yields 2x more herbs.

Legendary White Bison

Location: West of Deadboot Creek in the very Northwest part of Ambarino

Trinket: Tatanka Bison Horn

Effect: Permanently decreases the amount of melee damage received by 10%.

Legendary Wolf

Location: East of Cotorra Springs, South of the Wapiti Indian Reservation

Trinket: Wolf Heart Trinket

Effect:  Player can consume 2x more alcohol before feeling negative effects of being drunk.

Legendary Bear

Location: East of Donner Falls in Ambarino

Trinket: Bear Claw Talisman

Effect: Permanently decreases the speed that the health core drains by 10%.

Legendary Moose

Location: Brandywine Drop in Roanoke Ridge

Trinket: Moose Antler Trinket

Effect: Permanently increases player’s health experience bonus by 10%.

Legendary Beaver

North of the Elyisian Pool in Hanover

Trinket: Beaver Tooth Trinket

Effect:  Permanently slows degradation for all weapons by 10%.

Legendary Boar

Location: Bluewater Marsh

Crafting: Boar Tusk Talisman

Effect: Permanently decreases speed that the horse health and stamina cores drain by 10%.

Legendary Coyote

Location: Southeastern New Haven near the border of Lemoyne

Craft: Coyote Fang Trinket

Effect: Permanently increases player’s Dead Eye experience bonus by 10%.

Legendary Fox

Location: North of Rhodes

Crafts: Fox Claw Trinket

Effect: Permanently increases the time that Eagle Eye can stay active by 5 seconds.

Legendary Elk

Location: East of Fort Wallace  in Cumberland

Crafts: Elk Antler Trinket

Effect:  Permanently increases the value of player’s looted money by 10%.

Legendary Panther

Location: Unknown

Crafts: Panther’s Eye Trinket

Effect: Permanently decreases the speed that the Dead Eye bar drains by 10% for 3 seconds.