Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Get Legendary Fish Map

The hardest fish to catch in Red Dead 2.

by AOTF Staff

To get the Legendary Fishing Map in Red Dead Redemption 2 you will need to start a side mission that will only be revealed once you encounter the location of this character.  The map will reveal the location of 13 different fish locations on the Red Dead Redemption 2 Map that you can visit to attempt in reeling in these hard to catch fish.

The Legendary Fish Locations Map is a quest item that you’ll get when you visit Gill’s Landing a small house with a dock at the north of Flat Iron Lake.  Use the map above to show you the exact coordinates.  When you are in the area a white ? mission will pop up that has you heading out to the dock of the pier to talk with Jeremy Gill.

Gill is a legendary fisherman and sells fish to the public, however, he needs help and only wants the best fish in the game.  Gill will pay you for each fish you return to him and has given you a map to locate the spots where legendary fish are.

RDR2 Legendary Fish Map


The legendary fish map functions similarly to the legendary animal map.  It will give you the general location of the legendary fish in the game and then when you encounter them while on foot or on horseback the game will pencil in the fish on the normal map.  Until you do have them written down, you’ll need to access the legendary fish map from your satchel.

Alongside the map, talking with Gill will give you access to special lures at the Lagras bait shop.  These will need to be purchased and come in different varieties depending on which type of environment you are fishing in.