Remnant 2 Clock Puzzle Solution

Here is the clock puzzle solution in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
Remnant 2 Clock Puzzle Solution
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering what time you need to input into the clock puzzle in Remnant 2? During the Losom biome, there’s a possibility you’ll run into a clock requiring a specific time, and to find that time, you need to locate a clock tower. This guide will walk you through the clock puzzle and provide the exact time for you to solve it and detail the reward you get for doing so.

How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When you reach the clock puzzle in the Lemark District of Remnant 2, you’ll find a notebook on the table informing you to “look at the clocktower,” and you’ll find the answer. This Clocktower can be challenging to read, so we have provided an image to make this puzzle easier to solve. The image above is the exact time for this puzzle.

Since Remnant 2 is procedurally generated and can change from player to player, the time may differ for you. If the time in the image doesn’t work for you, head out of the room and return to Morrow Parish to find the clocktower and read the time. The Clocktower is next to a tall chimney.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you input the proper time for the clock puzzle in the Lemark District, grab the gear, and return to the Clocktower in Morrow Parish. Make your way to the top of the Clocktower and insert the gear you received from the clock puzzle. Getting to the Clock Tower will take time as you need to climb it yourself, but you’ll eventually find an elevator to make it easier.

Once you are at the top, input the gear that you got from the clock puzzle to activate the Clock Tower and claim your reward. My reward was the Broken Timepiece Mod, which is used to create the Time Lapse Weapon Mod. However, your reward may differ due to the procedurally generated nature of Remnant 2.

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Time Lapse Weapon Mod Effects

If you did receive the Broken Timepiece Crafting Material from the Clock Puzzle, look below for all the information you need about the Time Lapse Weapon Mod.

  • Creates a 6m blast which freezes all standard enemies for 7s.
  • Dealing damage to frozen enemies immediately breaks the Time Lapse effect, applying SLOW for the remaining duration.
  • Mod Power Requirement: 1,000

The Clock Tower isn’t the only challenging puzzle you’ll encounter on your journey through the levels in Remnant 2. For example, one of the most challenging puzzles is the Music Harp and playing chess in Losom, so make sure you’re prepared for that by checking out our guides!

- This article was updated on July 30th, 2023

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