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Remnant From the Ashes How to Beat Shroud

Focus down this ranged attacker before his minions overwhelm you.

by William Schwartz


Shroud is the first major boss battle that you’ll face in Remnant from the Ashes after you trek through game’s opening subway and sewer systems.  While it doesn’t take long to get to this battle, you’re going to want to level up before heading into the fight.  It’s recommended that you utilize all of your unused trait points and upgrade weapons/armor to make this fight as quick as possible.  Going in under-leveled it can take a lot of skill to beat Shroud because there are numerous attacks at play as well as minions to deal with during the fight.

How to Beat Shroud

Shroud will spawn in different spots to start each time you try the boss.  You’ll be fighting the boss and a group of minions that respawn throughout the fight.  The Root minions have standard melee and ranged attacks to watch out for.  As for Shroud, you will need to dodge three different types of attacks, while the boss teleports around the room.  Shroud’s primary attack is with a bow and arrow.  Each time he winds up to shoot the bow he will shoot multiple arrows at you.

You will also need to dodge clouds of dust which constantly spawn throughout the fight, and an aerial barrage which Shroud will shoot with his arrow.  If you get shot by the arrows you will get a bleeding penalty.  If you hang around in the dust too long you will get infected.  Bleeding will slowly drain your health and infection will occasionally make you stop moving altogether.

Shroud Boss Battle Video Guide

Alongside the leveling up of your character, you should also stock up on Oilskin Tonic and Bandages to take care of any bleeding or infections during the fight.  While your core health regen should be enough to get you through the fight if your weapons are properly leveled, you can also bring along a healing tonic as well.  You can get these items from Reggie at the Ward 13 base.

Once the battle begins it’s basically about handling ads while also dodging the bosses attacks.  Aim for the head when you can to score a damage boost and slowly whittle away the health of Shroud.  The trick to this is to keep moving.  Staying in one spot too long or getting backed into a corner can get you killed from the aerial barrages or overwhelmed by multiple enemies.  Just keep moving, using the roll mechanic to help you get out of tough spots and get your shots in when you can.

Once you’ve taken down the entire health bar, Shroud will be defeated and there is no second phase to this fight.

If you are having trouble with this boss and have extra iron/scrap in your inventory, use the checkpoint closest to the door to return to Ward 13 .  Upgrade your weapons/armor and return because this can make a world of difference in this fight.  Once you do, head back into the portal and return to your last checkpoint which will put you right back into the spawn before the boss door.

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