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Remnant From the Ashes How to Beat The Harrow

Don't let this one get too close.

by William Schwartz


The Harrow is a nasty skeleton boss that will stick and move throughout this boss battle.  You’ll be able to do damage on the boss only for a short time as it escapes and sends minions at you.

How to Beat the Harrow in Remnant

Entering the fight you want to come out blazing.  Empty as many rounds into the monster as possible and then wait for it to retreat.  Once it does you need to be prepared for fast moving enemies that are relatively easy to kill but can easily overwhelm you if you miss shots or need to reload.

The Harrow Boss Fight Video Guide

Once you’ve killed the first round of minions The Harrow will return.  Shoot it until it retreats again and you’ll fight another wave of minions.  The only real time you should be in danger of The Harrow is if it gets close to you.  If it does, it will use multiple melee attacks with its claws.  Your main objective should be to take care of all of the minions before the boss gets back (or as many as you can).

From there it’s rinse and repeat with this boss.  The boss will escape a couple more times and send waves of minions while it’s gone.

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