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Remnant From the Ashes How to Beat The Thrall

Stay out of the green clouds in this boss battle.

by William Schwartz


As you traverse through the swamps in Remnant From the Ashes you’re going to eventually encounter a boss fight with The Thrall.  You’ll have had some time to get used to the types of minions this boss spawns with and he can be a real problem because of the Corrosion that he emits all over the map.

How to Beat The Thrall in Remnant

Like other boss fights in Remnant From the Ashes, you’re not only going to have to learn the bosses moves and patterns, but his minions as well.  This boss can be difficult if you aren’t mindful of the Corrosion that he emits as his main attack.  You’ll find that the area will get filled with green clouds.  If you are in these clouds you will get Corroded and lose armor effectiveness, which makes dealing with the boss’s other attacks and minions even harder.

 Beware of the corrosive green clouds

There’s really only one attack to look out for from The Thrall.  It’s a projectile attack that he can shoot from anywhere in the boss room.  He’ll usually shoot this attack at you each time that he teleports around the boss room.  When he teleports, minions will also spawn into the map two at a time  The trick here is to take the minions out when they spawn and then continue to get shots in on The Thrall when you have the opportunity (just make sure you’re staying out of the green clouds).

Once you get the frequency of the spawns of minions down, this boss is pretty easy as you really only need to avoid the occasional projectile from the boss and the minion attacks. If you do happen to get corroded, you can cure the problem by taking Greenleaf.  You can purchase this from Reggie in Ward 13.

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