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Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat The Unclean One

This boss will charge right through the walls.

by William Schwartz


The Unclean One is a nasty looking boss who wields a big hammer.  The boss hits hard with the hammer and spawns minions throughout the fight.  This boss fight will be won by watching out for his melee attacks and getting out of the way once he starts spinning wildly.

How to Beat The Unclean One in Remnant

The Unclean One has multiple attacks to look out for.  He’s got a sweeping melee attack for when you’re up close.  He’ll charge through walls and attack you.  And he’ll go into a full 360 whirlwind while swinging the hammer wildly.   If that wasn’t enough, the boss also spawns minions during these attacks.

As is the case with most bosses in Remnant, you’ll want to strike a careful balance between keeping the ads under control and getting in shots on the boss.  The good part about The Unclean One is that you almost want him to break out his powerful 360 attack.  Because if you can keep clear of it, you will see that it usually just hits the minions and kills them for you.  Also, you can shoot The Unclean One and do damage on him while he’s killing the minions.

The Unclean One Video Boss Fight Walkthrough

The attacks you are going to want to look out for with The Unclean One are a leaping attack where he’ll slam the hammer down.  If you stand too close to him, he will jump forward and attack you with his belly as well.  There’s also a standing hammer slam which he’ll telegraph pretty well when you’re at medium distance from the boss.  Almost any time you’re far enough away from the Unclean One he’ll either do a jumping attack or a charge attack to close the distance.  Do not try to hide behind the walls in the boss room as he can break right through them.

Eventually he will resort to the 360 attack though.  It is slow and winding so you’ll have plenty of time to steer clear and watch him as he wails away on the minions.

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