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Remnant: From the Ashes How to Craft Boss Weapons

Expensive to craft but have powerful perks attached to them.

by William Schwartz


As you beat the bosses of Remnant: From the Ashes you will earn unique items that allow you to craft powerful boss items.  These items can be crafted using a combination of the unique item that a boss drops and rare Lumenite Crystals.

How to Craft Boss Weapons in Remnant

Simply head to the NPC on the first floor of Ward 13 near the Ward Crystal and head into the crafting menu.  From here you’ll see what items you can craft.  As you collect the required base material for a boss weapon and have defeated the boss, you will get the option to craft their weapon.  Each of these boss weapons have different associated powers.


While Lumenite Crystals will be encountered in the world by defeating enemies and opening chests, you can also purchase Lumenite from the female vendor on the west side of Ward 13.  Alongside the Lumenite Crystals, you’ll need the boss item and enough scrap to complete the crafting process.

Once you do, you’ll get instant access to the weapon and can equip it in your loadout, but it will take the place of your current weapon.  If you want to upgrade a boss weapon, you can do so at the same vendor that you upgrade normal weapons at.  However, the upgrade process is a little more costly with Lumenite Crystals being required for the upgrade.  Boss Weapons can be upgraded to +10.

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