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Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Play Coop with Friends

How to host and join other players' games

by Kyle Hanson


While there are echoes of Fallout’s Lone Wanderer within Remnant: From the Ashes, with players exploring a post apocalyptic wasteland collecting scrap and upgrading their character, the game offers so much more when friends are included. Yes, this is truly a co-op game at its heart, with players able to team up against the Root infection that has overtaken the globe. But the game doesn’t go too out of its way explaining how to set up these impromptu get-togethers. Here’s a quick rundown of how to play coop with friends in Remnant: From the Ashes.

How to Play Coop with Friends

Remnant: From the Ashes takes a lot of inspiration from the Dark Souls series, both in gameplay and various mechanics such as multiplayer. While there’s no item you have to use to join each others’ games, the basic ideas are similar. Each player exists in their own version of Remnant’s world and you will be taking your character and joining them in their world, leaving yours temporarily behind. There are actually a few ways to do this, depending on what platform you are playing on. Here’s some general guidelines.

When you want to play coop with friends in Remnant, the first question to ask is whose world will you play in. Each is unique, featuring procedurally generated levels and random enemy encounters. So you can’t just party up and head out into the wasteland, because each is different and you have to decide which world you’ll be exploring. Once you decide this, that person should go ahead and start their game making sure to choose who they will allow to join. You can make your game totally public or limit it to Friends only. You do this from the main menu, below the Play Game option.

Once they have started their game it’s now the other players’ turn to join in. To do this they can either invite you, using the usual social features of the platform they are playing on, or you can find their game with the in-game menu. From the Main Menu you can choose Join Game to see your two main options. You can join a public game, randomly jumping into the world of another player, or you can browse through any available games with your Friends. Choose this and you’ll see your friend listed there if nothing has gone wrong.

And that’s how to play coop with friends in Remnant: From the Ashes.

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