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Resident Evil 2 How to Access Security Doors in Umbrella

First you'll look for a blue upgrade, then a purple one.

by William Schwartz


When you get into Umbrella you’ll discover that your measly green ID braclet isn’t going to get you very far.  You’re going to need something with a little more clearance if you wish to look around.  What you’re going to need to do is find upgrade chips and when you do you’re going to need to combine them with your ID Braclet in the items menu.

The first type of door that you’ll encounter is a blue level 2 door nearby the Kitchen area in the Laboratory.  To get past this door you’re going to need to upgrade your green chip to blue, upgrading it to a general staff bracelet.  will make the wristband work on Blue II General Staff doors.

The image below will show you exactly where to look for this first upgrade chip in the Umbrella laboratories.


This first blue upgrade chip will be found in the Nap Room.  In this room there is a hand hanging out what looks like a sleeping area.  On the hand is the upgrade chip that you need.  Simply take the chip and place it in your inventory.  Then select the item in your inventory and combine it with your ID bracelet to change your bracelet from green to blue and access the level 2 security doors.

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