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Resident Evil 2 How to Beat Birkin Boss Fight #2 Sewers

Use the crane to topple the monstrosity.

by William Schwartz


The main big bad that you’re going to be fighting in Resident Evil 2 is William Birkin.  A scientist who has injected himself with the G-Virus, Birkin is a formidable opponent who has strong melee attacks.  Each time you see Birkin he’ll have evolved a little bit more and be a little bit stronger as the virus takes complete control of his body.

The good news is that no matter what fight you are playing, Birkin has a big weakness. He has eyeballs popping out of his body and these are what you’re going to want to target when fighting Birkin to slow him down. This guide will explain how to beat Birkin the second time around when you encounter him in the Sewers.

During this fight you will be fighting on an area with cargo containers and a control panel which allows you to control them by using a panel on the right side of the platform.  The fight requires that you use the containers and the control panel to knock Birkin off the ledge. You will need to do this twice by pressing the control panel at least four different times.

Just getting to the control panel isn’t quite enough.  You will also need to line Birkin with the box after you press the button to call the container back to the platform.  There is a small portion of the platform that you cannot be hit on.  This is directly behind the control panel.  There are a couple of ways to get Birkin where you need him to be.

Resident Evil 2 Birkin Boss Fight #2

Birkin  will chase you wherever you go on the panel, so you can run to the side away from the control panel and he will follow you.  But you’ll need to get back to safety before the cargo container gets back to the platform.  If not, you will be killed along with Birkin.

Another way to do this is by shooting the eyes on his body to stop him in place.  Just make sure to shoot him while he’s in the right spot on the platform or the cargo container will not hit him.

You will need to do two successful container hits before you knock him off the edge and kill Birkin on normal difficulty in Resident Evil 2.

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