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Resident Evil 2 How to Open All Lockers in Safety Deposit Room

Finding two portable safes will allow you to unlock every locker in the room.

by William Schwartz


There’s a puzzle early on in Resident Evil 2 found in the Safety Deposit Room on the first floor of the west wing of the Police Station that will allow you to get some much needed items that will help you survive your encounters in the early goings of the game.  Entering the Safety Deposit Room you immediately see the room has a terminal that allows you to press buttons to open specific lockers.

You’ll  also notice that some of the keys are missing from the terminal though, and that means you can’t open the lockers with the good stuff in them.  This puzzle requires that you find two keys to fix the terminal so that you can enter the correct locker numbers and ultimately get a hip pouch to increase storage. The two keys are located in two different portable safes.

The first portable safe can be found in the Shower Room with the steam blocking your path in the West Wing of the Second Floor (2F) of the Police Department. This portable safe will have a mini-game that must be played to unlock it.  Unlocking the safe requires that you hit the buttons in the correct order with one lighting up after the other in a row around the ring of lights.


The Second Key can be found in another portable safe that can only be found in the Linen Room.  This room can only be accessed if you have the Diamond Key.  The diamond key can be found in the Morgue once you reach the basement area of Raccoon City Police Department.  To get to the Basement/Garage area of the Police Station you will have at least needed to complete the Medallion puzzle.

In the Safety Deposit Room there is also a weapons locker.  If you’ve made it to the second floor art room by using the Spade Key at this point, you will want to pick up the Weapon Locker Key to grab the powerful shotgun and add it to your arsenal.

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