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Resident Evil 2 How to Unlock Drug Testing Lab

Different codes for different characters

by William Schwartz


The Drug Testing Lab is an integral area for either Leon or Claire’s playthrough once they reach the Umbrella Labs.  Both are going to be making different things in the DNA Testing Lab, but they’ll both need access.

The Drug Testing Lab can only be accessed from the Greenhouse and the door must be unlocked from the Greenhouse Control Room and the machine that has all of the strange symbols on it.  For those that make their way into the second basement level of the labs you will find that there is a DNA double helix statue on a table in the Lounge.  On the bottom of that statue there is a code that can be entered into the machine in the Greenhouse Control Center.

The codes are different for Claire and Leon playthroughs so we’ve inserted Leon’s code at the top of this post and Claire’s code will be below.  Once entered in the Control Center the bars that are covering the Drug Testing Machine will be removed and you will be able to play the mini-game that is required to get the proper amount of liquid required for Leon’s Herbicide or Claire’s Vaccine.

Claire DNA Trophy Code


Leon DNA Trophy Code



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