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Resident Evil 2 How to Unlock Leon’s Desk With Desk Lock Code

Get access to Leon's desk and a gun improvement.

by William Schwartz


When you visit the West Office  of the Raccoon City Police Station you’re going to find that the officers there were getting ready to welcome Leon to the force with a little party.  There are decorations in the room as this is where Leon was going to be working.

There’s also a puzzle in this room that requires that you solve a short riddle using the name tags on the desk.  You can figure out this puzzle manually if you want, or you can use our solution below to open Leon’s desk by using the desk codes below.

The code for the left lock is NED, the code for the right is MRG

There are two locks on Leon’s desk.  There’s one on the left of the desk and there’s one on the right.  The code for the left lock on the desk is NED.  The code for the lock on the right side is MRG.

Using those two codes you will be able to access Leon’s desk and get some much needed supplies, in the case of Leon it’s a high capacity magazine that improves his default weapon.

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