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Resident Evil 2 Remake: How to Open Locked Doors

Some need keys, some do not.

by Kyle Hanson


If you could go wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted, then Resident Evil 2 would probably be over in a half an hour. Locked doors stand in your way as you try to escape the horror of a zombie filled Raccoon City. Sometimes there are obvious ways to get them open, while other times it’s more confusing. Here’s a quick explanation for how to open locked doors in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

There’s two main types of locked doors in RE2 Remake. One requires a key, while the other does not. The former is pretty obvious, at least if you’ve played a Resident Evil game before. These locked doors are marked with a symbol, either a Spade, Diamond, Club, or Heart. They require you to keep exploring RPD and the other areas in the game to find the key, then come back and open it. Here’s our guides on how to get these keys: Spade, Diamond, Club, or Heart. Once you have the key, just go back to the door (it should be marked on your map) and select it, then select the key to unlock and open it. Some other doors require their own key, so just reference your items whenever you run into one.

Other doors don’t require keys, they don’t even let you select them to try to use one, and yet they remain locked. Here’s how to open them too. The key, pun intended, is to keep exploring the map. Each of these locked doors require you to get to the other side of them. They aren’t necessarily locking you out of areas of the map, since you’ll get to it all later. Instead they act as shortcuts for later in the game. Once you reach the other side of the door, you can select it to either unlock it, or move the object holding it in place.

That’s the two main ways for how to open locked doors in Resident Evil 2 Remake. The only other one you might wonder about are the doors held together with chains. Similarly, you just need a key item, namely the bolt cutters. Once you have those, you can use them on the door to get it open. If you run into a particular door that’s giving you trouble, just let us know in the comments below.

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