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Resident Evil 2 Where to Use Weapon Locker Card

The Weapon Locker Card will get you a shotgun early in the game.

by William Schwartz

The first time that you visit the second floor Art Room you’re going to find that there’s a Weapon Locker Key Card just sitting out in the open.  This item actually unlocks a pretty powerful weapon fairly early on in the game.  There’s really only one requirement to getting this Weapon Locker Card and then you just need to take it to the appropriate area to use it.

What’s in the Weapon Locker?

First things first, you’ll at least need the Spade Key to get access to the Art Room via the 2F Waiting Room.  Once you have that you can grab the Weapon Card from the Art Room.  Once you have it in your inventory it’s time to use it and you’ll do that in the Safety Deposit Room.

The Safety Deposit Room is located on the 1st floor in the west wing of the Police Station.  You can access this area via the West Office.  It’s the room with all of the different lockers that are guarded by a terminal that is missing keys.

For Leon’s playthrough, the weapon locker will contain the Shotgun but it will be different for Claire.

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