Resident Evil 3 – How to Craft Ammo

Not every bullet comes in a box.

by Brandon Adams
Resident Evil 3 - How to Craft Ammo

Ammo is a precious commodity in Resident Evil 3, and your unbreakable survival knife will only get you so far after you run dry. While you may find some ammo out in the open, you can craft ammo for your handful of weapons with the right gunpowder combinations.

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Use gunpowder to craft ammo when needed.

As you try and escape the fearsome Nemesis and leave Raccoon City for good you’ll discover gunpowder tucked away in various nooks and crannies. I don’t know what it is about the residents of Raccoon City, but they sure do love them some gunpowder: it can be found in yellow-tapped boxes, lockers, on desks, and every in-between.

Because gunpowder takes up precious inventory space it is best to keep it in your item box until you have enough to create ammo, and this should only be done when you are running low (it’s easy to spam handgun ammo until you realize your shotgun needed the love).

There are two forms of gunpowder in Resident Evil 3 – regular Gunpowder and High-Grade Gunpowder. These can be combined in three ways to make ammo

  • Handgun ammo – Gunpowder x2 (creates 15 rounds)
  • Shotgun shells – Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder (creates 4 shells)
  • MAG ammo – High-Grade Gunpowder x2 (creates 30 rounds)

As you can see, gunpowder doesn’t make a whole lot of ammo in return for the inventory slots it’ll occupy, so stockpile what you find and resupply whenever you reach a safe room. Once you have what you need you need to move the required gunpowder into your inventory – you can’t combine items within the item box, or across the two.

When both are in the same location select one gunpowder and press “combine”. Only items that can be mixed with what you’ve selected will be highlighted, so in the case of gunpowder it will be additional gunpowder. Select the type you wish to mix for the desired ammo and the two will be consumed. You’ll then have a stack of ammo in your inventory that can be combined with existing ammo (up to a certain cap), or stashed away for later.

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- This article was updated on April 2nd, 2020

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