Resident Evil 3 – How to Unlock Inferno Mode, What is Inferno Mode

How much do you hate yourself?

by Brandon Adams
Resident Evil 3 - How to Unlock Inferno Mode, What is Inferno Mode

Resident Evil 3 has a handful of truly grueling difficulty modes, and none are more agonizing than Inferno Mode. This exercise in self-loathing is unlocked after clearing Nightmare Mode for the first time, and if you thought that mode was tricky then you have another thing coming.

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Inferno Mode in unlocked after clearing Nightmare Mode.

Once players complete Resident Evil 3 on Nightmare Mode for the first time they will unlock the infinitely more difficult Inferno Mode. Their final ranking doesn’t matter: just clear Nightmare Mode.

Inferno Mode is the ultimate challenge in Resident Evil 3, and if you struggled with Nightmare Mode then Inferno is here to make you suffer. Enemies hit even harder than they did in Nightmare Mode (which was already flirting with one-shot attacks), and there are fewer typewriters and item boxes in the game. Oh, and autosave is disabled, because screw you and your happiness.

This is a mode for players that live and breath Resident Evil. Even the shop items that boost defense, attack, and health recovery matter little within this perfect Hell. Inferno Mode is for the truly deranged, and only the most dedicated can expect to clear it with an S rank.

That, or players who know how to cheese like a Wisconsin dairy farmer. I wish all of you pressing forward the best of luck – you’ll need it.

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- This article was updated on April 2nd, 2020

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