Resident Evil 3 – How to Unlock Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle

Lay down a perpetual wall of lead.

by Brandon Adams
Resident Evil 3 - How to Unlock Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle

If you want to mow down the undead masses in Resident Evil 3 with absolute abandon you need to grab the Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle. It’s unlocked for a hefty sum in the post-game Shop, but it’s well worth the investment.

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The Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle is unlocked with 28,400 points in the Shop.

The Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle doesn’t come cheap, but the damage it does and the unlimited ammo pool more than justify the cost. You likely won’t have the points needed to buy it after your first playthrough of Resident Evil 3, but it’s not too hard to grab if you farm the right Records challenges.

The easiest way to farm the rifle is to start an Assisted run and complete the No Item Box, No Heal, and S-Rank challenges. You won’t need anything from the Shop to do this (critical, considering Shop items are stored in the Item Box), and you should end the run with over 30,000 points. That’ll be enough for the Infinite CQBR Rifle, and whatever you have left over can be spent on an Assault Coin or two (which makes the CQBR Rifle a wrecking machine).

With just the rifle and coins in hand you can plow through the hardest difficulties on offer in Resident Evil 3, assuming you are able to avoid taking damage. With this darling rifle in-hand that won’t be too difficult. It can’t install weapon mods, yet that won’t slow this monster of a weapon down.

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- This article was updated on April 4th, 2020

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