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Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Fuse

by Kyle Hanson


The first hour or so of Resident Evil 7 can be a bit disorienting. the game puts you in a first-person perspective, which is a big shift for the traditionally third-person series. It also puts a few roadblocks in front of you. Not really puzzles, more like tests to make sure that you’re following our Resident Evil 7 Beginners Guide and are paying attention. In case you’re not we went ahead and put together this guide for where to find the fuse in Resident Evil 7.

The fuse is important, because it is necessary to activate the stairs button in the attic, which will be very integral to moving forward later in this section of Resident Evil 7. So, where do you find the fuse? Well to answer that you first also have to answer the question of where to find the bolt cutters. You see, these are necessary to getting the fuse, so check out this guide to find those and come back here once you’re done.

Once you have the bolt cutters you need to head back to the main area of the house. Go into the kitchen and back toward the door that you used to first enter this horror show. There’s a white cabinet here with a chain locking it up tight. You can use the bolt cutters here to open it up and get what’s inside. And what is inside? Well the fuse of course.

Now you just take this back to the room with the VCR and fireplace and put it into the fuse box on the wall. Doing so will activate the switch up in the attic, so head back up there whenever you’re ready to proceed ahead in Resident Evil 7.

That’s it for where to find the fuse in Resident Evil 7. Not the toughest puzzle to crack, but still, since it’s early some people don’t have their RE legs back just yet. Let us know if anything else trips you up in your time with Resident Evil 7.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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