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Resident Evil Village: Goats of Warding Locations

Where to find each Goat of Warding


There is a fair amount of collectibles in Resident Evil Village, and the Goats of Warding are yet one more you can keep an eye out for as you progress through the game. They are wooden goat statues, found all over the snowy fields and barren structures of the new RE title, usually on hard-to-spot places. Thankfully, we’ve already found all of them and we are here to spread out the knowledge of our findings. Take a look below to save some time and see all Goats of Warding location in Resident Evil Village.

Where to all Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village

You need to destroy Goats of Warding in any way possible to make it count towards the side-quest’s completion, so just a bullet from your handgun can do the trick. Some may require your sniper rifle, if you are having trouble aiming due to the distance, but those are far and between.

Village Part 1

  • Graveyard

Follow the main pathway and you can notice the Goat easily within the shrine on your right side. Quite possibly the very first you will find in the game.

  • Church

Take a look at the Church’s roof. Yup, that’s a wooden Goat of Warding you see. Why it ended up there, that’s another story.

  • Fallow Plot

There is a couple of werewolves here the first time you visit this place, hence making it a hard area to actually take your time and search for that Goat. As such, it’s best to come here at a later time, after beating a certain boss we mentioned below. When you do, the Goat is on top of a ruined house, in the corner of the same area.

Castle Dimitrescu

  • Distillery

After you leave Hall of Ablution and head towards the Distillery, the Goat is on the ground close to some candles. It is very hard to miss, as the spot is really bright, with the Goat sitting there still.

  • Attic

In order to reach this one, you need to solve the Bell Puzzle in the Atelier. After you do, climb to the attic and if you look around you will spot a Goat standing on top of some boxes.

Village Part 2 – Spoilers present from this point forward

  • Lone Road

Right after you beat Lady Dimitrescu (yes, it happens quite early), you need to return to the Village. At some point, you will reach a road named Lone Road. You will find a staircase there, which if you climb down, you will be able to see a hidden Goat of Warding below the stairs. The shadows make good work of hiding it, but it’s noticeable if you pay attention enough.

  • Graveyard – Next to the Church

Open the gate that is found eastern from the Church. You need the Iron Insignia Key for that. Enter and stay on the right side where there are some chicken. Besides a brick wall and a crypt, you will be able to spot a Goat on the snowy ground.

  • West Old Town

If you open your map, you will notice a lock icon. That’s where you need to go, after shooting the lock of the iron fence. After getting in, turn left and you will see the Goat of Warding on top of a roof.

House Beneviento

  • Iron Gate

Before getting in the house, if you turn left and follow the path you will reach a garden and an Iron Gate. Behind that, there is a Goat standing there.

  • Suspension Bridge

After leaving the house, on your right side you will see a bridge. Not the one you are standing on, there is a second one. The Goat is right in the middle of it.


  • Windmill Turntable

After you reach the outside area, on the upper floor of the windmill, take a look at the wood logs found there. Hard to see, but a Goat is standing there next to those logs.

  • Wooden Pole

Now this is a funny one, and one of those that may require you to use the sniper rifle we mentioned above. Right after you push a cart into the water to continue through, aim your camera towards the gate found there. If you pay attention to the wooden pole that’s coming out of the area’s water, you will be barely able to see a Goat of Warding right on top of it. Similarly to the one on top of the Church, it is unknown how on earth the Goat ended up there, but hey, video games.

  • Ruined Windmill

After draining the Reservoir, meaning you also defeated Moreau, you need to go back to the place where you first took a boat to flee the Reservoir. The area is now dry and accessible, so you need to find a newly opened bridge there, traverse it and you will end up in a ruined windmill. Outside of it, there is a Goat waiting for you, on top of some debris. The bridge we mentioned is on the opposite side of the Boat Keeper’s Hut.


  • Otto’s Mill

After you enter the last portion of the game, you leave the Village and head northeast. Eventually, you will end up to a fork-like road with a sign having written “good luck” on it. You need to take the left path, which will guide you to a river. There is a factory or something of the likes found there, so head in and you will see a Goat in a fancy shrine-like furniture.

  • Staircase

Almost done with the Stronghold part of Resident Evil Village, you will reach a place with a spiral staircase, leading to a boss fight. Climbing down the stairs will eventually lead you to a spot where you literally need to squeeze through. Before you do so, there is a Goat on your right, very easy to miss due to its surroundings having the same color palette.

Heisenburg’s Factory

  • Elevator

If you have been playing video games for a while, you know that elevators are tools for hiding a lot of stuff you can miss as they go up or down. In our case here, after you press the button for the elevator to go up, there will be a Goat on a ledge, on Duke’s left side. Very easy to miss, so stay alerted.

  • Ventilation

After venturing around Heisenburg’s area, you will end up facing a rotor with rotating blades, After you shoot it enough and breaks down, move to the south part of this ventilation duct you are in. At the end, there is a Goat on top of some metal scraps.

  • Cargo Bay

After beating the mini-boss before the final phase of Heisenburg’s Factory, you will end up in a control panel room. On the right side of the room, there is a small vent you can go through and reach the Cargo Bay. In there, an easily reachable Goat is waiting to be shot.

Final Goat of Warding

This one is found in the last area of the game, so we will avoid mentioning specifics to to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. At some point, you will head underground and confront a certain object/enemy, with a cutscene as well. Right after that cutscene, aim your camera to your right at the far end you will be able to see a statue. If you zoom in with your sniper rifle, you will notice the last Goat of Warding standing at the foot of that statue. Take the shot and enjoy the rewards of having found all Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Google Stadia. For more related content about the game, feel free to take a look at the rest of our guides right here.


- This article was updated on:May 7th, 2021

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