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Resident Evil Village – How Big is The File Size?

Only Xbox version is known for now.

by Dean James


Capcom is on a roll with the Resident Evil series in recent years, bringing us standout games such as Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Rotating between the remakes and new games has served the series well after the debacle that was Resident Evil 6. Following the release of Resident Evil 3 last year, we are back into the new game territory and Resident Evil Village is only a couple months away at this point. Storage space is a very hot commodity on game consoles, especially with the new current generations systems, so knowing just how big Resident Evil Village will be is important and now we have that answer on at least one platform.

How Big Is The File Size For Resident Evil Village?

Like most multi-platform games, there is likely not going to be one set file size for Resident Evil Village across all versions of the game. This is due to the way the games are designed for each system, but one platform’s size can at least give an indication of the range for the overall file size.

The first information about the file size for Resident Evil Village comes from the Xbox version of the game courtesy of the Microsoft Store itself. By visiting the online listing for Resident Evil Village on the Microsoft Store, we have learned that the approximate file size for the game on Xbox will be 50.02 GB.

This does not break down any different between the current-gen and last-gen version of the game, so that is something we’ll have to see if there will be any differences between upon their release. Around 50 GB is not a huge surprise, as many of the larger game releases have hovered around this for awhile now, with there of course being some outliers.

This file size not only includes the single player part of the game, but also the multiplayer Re:Verse too, so you shouldn’t expect to have to download more than this until updates are released for the game. If you are curious to hear some arguments for whether multiplayer is good or bad in the Resident Evil series, make sure to check out our opinion pieces on those respective topics.

Resident Evil Village is set to release on May 7 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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