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Resident Evil Village – How to Survive the Attack

Survive the werewolf attack at the beginning

by Kyle Hanson


The beginning of Resident Evil Village brought back memories of Halo Reach when it simply asked me to survive the attack. This often simple task is complicated by a rabid group of werewolves that are hell bent on seeing Ethan dead. But you can make it through this surprise ambush, if you know a few tricks. Here’s how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village.

How to Survive the Lycan Attack in Resident Evil Village

The key to surviving the attack in the beginning of Resident Evil Village is to remember that your goal simply is to survive. You don’t need to kill all the werewolves, you just need to make it out of this timed event alive. You’ll know that the assault is over when you hear a bell ringing in the distance and a new cutscene plays. Before that you need to keep on the move and focus on staying healthy and alive at all costs.

To do this you have a few things at your disposal, including the environment itself. The biggest and best tip we can give is simply to keep moving. The werewolves or lycans can’t eat what they can’t catch, so if you’re always a few steps ahead of them you will survive and make it through. If you do get stuck somewhere be sure to have your most powerful weapons at the ready to dispose of any werewolves that get too close.

The large house you encounter early in the stage (west side of the map) is the best assistance here. Inside you’ll find a smattering of different ammo and resources along with the shotgun. This powerful weapon will come in handy if any werewolves get too close or pin you down. While you’re in the house you can either use its narrow hallways and doors to funnel a few enemies, or bottleneck them inside and escape either through a door or the ladder in the back room.

While outside just avoid enemies as best you can. Kiting them is always a good option, drawing them around buildings or other obstructions and using them to slow the Lycans down while you find alternative routes of escape. If you can get inside of some other buildings they offer great chances to shoot werewolves through boarded up windows. Just try to conserve ammo as best you can, and remember that you can’t kill all of the enemies.

This is especially true of the massive creature with the hammer. Just avoid it at all costs, since dealing with it would cost too many resources and you can’t really win.

  • Keep on the move
  • Use the environment to your advantage
  • Be ready to counter attack as necessary
  • Avoid danger when possible

Keep all of this in mind and you’ll make it through just fine. And that’s how to survive the attack in Resident Evil Village.

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